Wellness Events Schedule for 2017

Presenters :

Come and learn more about health and wellness with our Workshops and FREE seminars available during 2017

Wed 08 February: “Effective Clinical Detox” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopathic Nutritionist Jan Purser 

 Wed 22 February: “Natural Help for Auto-immune Disease” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopath Lauren Reid  

 Wed 01 March: “Mindfulness: The Mind & Body Connection” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Psychologist Danielle Princi   

 Wed 15 March: “Genetic Testing:Unlock Your DNA” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopath and Hemaview Specialist, Jo Coates

Wed 05 April: “Health Hormones in Women” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopaths Jo Coates & Lauren Reid

Wed 03 May: “How to Eat Like a Nutritionist” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopathic Nutritionist Jan Purser

Wed 14 June: “Natural Treatment and Prevention for Alzheimers” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopath, Lauren Reid

Wed 28 June: “Healthy Kids” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopaths, Rebecca Tanner & Jo Coates 

 Wed 19 July: “Boost Your Metabolism + Thyroid Health” 7.30-9.00pm FREE with Naturopathic Nutritionist, Jan Purser

 Wed 02 August: “Food Intolerances Uncovered” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopathic Nutritionist Jan Purser

Sunday 13 August: “Your Memories Matter – Strategies to Prevent Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease” **Workshop** with Naturopathic Nutritionist Jan Purser ($1397)

Wed 16 August: “How to Combat Fatigue” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopath & Hemaview Specialist, Jo Coates

Wed 20 September: “Weight Loss Secrets” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopathic Nutritionist Jan Purser

Wed 11 October: “Mindfulness: The Mind & Body Connection” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Psychologist, Danielle Princi

Wed 25 October: “Enhance Your Fertility + IVF Support” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopathic Fertility Specialist, Rebecca Tanner & Acupuncturist, Geoff Brothers

Wed 01 November: “IBS Support” 7.30-8.30pm FREE with Naturopathic Nutritionist Jan Purser


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